Working with us provides expertise, market access, and brand tools without paying for an outside service provider.

A good idea has no value if it doesn’t find a market. We provide a comprehensive ad stack, product investment, and an optimized eCommerce product launch to help build your market.

Get Noticed on Amazon

We have completed product launches in as quickly as one week! We have the know-how to get your ideas onto the biggest eCommerce market in the country!

Make Money

You will make money on your first order, period. Leverage our sales infrastructure and lean on our partnership to make your product as successful as possible.

Seek Guidance

At Lonestar trade we offer a true partnership. With our incentives aligned, we will advise you on the sale of your product from day one. Your success is our success.

We have the tools and expertise to move quickly and have been able to launch new products in as quickly as a single week. We have invested heavily in the infrastructure and personnel required to do eCommerce effectively so that you can focus on your product.

Brandon Kennedy, Sales Strategist

Let’s build something together.