Our Story

Eric Lobdell, Founder & President

Lonestar Trade: Past, Present, & Future

Our journey in eCommerce began as a company selling single serving fiber supplements on Amazon. Despite having a useful product idea and making all the right connections in packaging and manufacturing, the complicated landscape of Amazon sales created hurdles and limits that ultimately led to the failure of this venture. Since these humble beginnings, we have systematically learned and implemented best practices in Amazon sales and eCommerce presence in multiple product categories and markets. 2017 marked a shift in our business strategy. In addition to our established eCommerce catalogue, we realized that we could sell things successfully on Amazon that local suppliers could not. With seven figure sales in 2015, this strategy has grown Lonestar to well into eight figure sales 2020.

“We enjoy solving the problems that are traditionally barriers to entry for small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Eric Lobdell

Our next phase of growth involves leveraging our online sales expertise to bring more entrepreneurs, local businesses, and other online businesses into our growing distribution network. With a well-oiled combination of FBA, WFS, FBM, and multi-channel sales on major platforms like Amazon, Walmart.com, eBay, and Shopify, Lonestar Trade has the flexibility and speed to get products to market quickly and drive sales from day one. Problem solving and optimization in existing and emerging eCommerce markets is the strength of our business. We enjoy working closely with our retail partners so they can share in our success.